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Friday, December 29, 2006

Xavier U. Prof Comes from Denmark: Teaches 'Free Bird' & 'Feursnot'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- It's only rock 'n' roll. But he likes it, likes it. At least, that's what Xavier University's new high-brow hire from Denmark says. Which is appropriate because the campus is in Ohio, about a four-hour drive South of the Hall of Fame on Lake Erie that is stuffed full of tributes to musicians whose styles range from Jim Morrison to Elvis Presley, the King of it all.

If you read the story about him in the school's current magazine, XU doesn't say if its Danish prof ever sang in a garage band. Although he likes rock, he really digs the classic composers, and Elvis might not wear the overall crown. Ever hear of a guy named Wolfgang?

No doubt, the prof has heard of the Cleveland Orchestra, which many consider the world's finest. He might catch a performance after visiting the Rock Hall.

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