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Thursday, January 11, 2007

'07 Dead Pool (II): Yeltsin, Loretta Lynn Longshots

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- There's an earlier post about "The Dead Pool," which is an annual contest at a certain establishment in Ohio where entrants pay $5 and try to pick the famous and celebrities who will die this year. There is a list of the likely candidates. Now we have some of the long shots -- people who are write-ins -- as the rules allow.

Some are obvious, and some are surprises like the king of Hawaiian entertainers, Don Ho.

The write-ins so far: Loretta Lynn, Boris Yeltsin, Henry Kissinger, Ozzy Osborne, Sam Wyche, Rush Limbaugh, Dom DeLuise, Ed Koch, Arnold Palmer, Walter Cronkite, Al Davis ( a good choice), Lee Iacocca, Naomi Judd, Helen Thomas, Rat Packer Joey Bishop, Moktada al-Sadr, President Musharef, I.M Pei, Patty LaBelle and Calvin Klein.

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