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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cincy Mayor Lauds SW Ohio Climate Change 'Ambassador'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Cincinnati's Democratic Mayor Mark Mallory says "global warming is a very serious problem" and nominated a city resident to be trained by Al Gore as a climate-change lecturer to raise concern about the planet's growing environmental crisis. Mallory took action earlier this month, a move that preceded this week's release of a report by the Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change in Paris.

The report, due out on Friday, is expected to present clear scientific findings the Earth has warmed, temperatures will continue to rise, and human activity is overwhelmingly the cause. Mallory wrote a letter of support last October that helped Cincinnatian Mary Clare Rietz be selected for training sessions with Gore earlier this month in Nashville. She will present lectures about the information in Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth across the region.

"Global warming is a very serious problem that affects us all and is going to require a united national response,'' said Mallory, who serves on the U.S. Conference of Mayors council on climate protection. ''The first step is educating people about this crisis and how it can be turned around. It is an honor for her to be selected for this important task. She is a true ambassador, not only for our city, but for the world."

The training was done in conjunction with The Climate Project, a non-profit group that gave 1,000 volunteers from around the nation information to present lectures about global warming. Each of the 1,000 messengers is committed to making at least 10 climate change presentations this year.

Gore's plan to use volunteers has been seen as a savvy initiative to build grassroots support aimed at countering those who say global warming is not a problem, or that it is not connected to human activities.

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