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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cleve Blog + PeeDee: Fingerhut = Higher Ed Czar

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Is higher education reform sweeping in like a Siberian Express? It is on the Doppler as reform isobars appear over Columbus, the Statehouse and the governor's office. But somehow, the news is missing from the Big Media that is supposed to keep Cincinnatians informed. Eric Fingerhut, the Shaker Heights lawyer/politician/Demo insider, could be in line to become Ohio's first super-superintendent.

[UPDATE, Monday, January 15, 9:38 a.m: Gov. Ted Strickland issued remarks on Jan. 11 saying he would support House Speak John Husted's plan to create a cabinet-level office responsible for higher education at all levels in Ohio. Here's the statement from his office: "Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today issued the following statement regarding the role of a higher education chancellor: 'I strongly support establishing a cabinet-level higher education chancellor. Such a position would enable the governor to be a stronger, more effective advocate for the higher education community in Ohio and will create a better system of higher education for all Ohioans. I applaud Speaker Husted’s leadership and his willingness to work in a bi-partisan manner in supporting these efforts. I look forward to working closely with the legislature to establish a more accountable higher education system with the goals of improving our graduation success rate and ensuring Ohioans have every opportunity to pursue lifelong learning.'"]

Meanwhile, you can read the SCOOP and STILL MORE about Fingerhut from Up North via digital samizdat.

Of course, a tip of the Hatlo Hat to WLST, fast-becoming a reliable must-read for anyone determined to follow the twists and turns and machinations of reform. (Is it strange that the Cincinnati Enquirer appears asleep at the wheel? The state's second largest university is in Cincinnati; the newspaper's publisher is on the University of Cincinnati's board of trustees. Oh yeah, the education writer just quit and took a job in Detroit, and so far there is no replacement.).

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  1. You are way too much, Bill - thanks. With Eric living up here, I'm sure that the tip has a regional reason for being in the PD - much like Cincy might want to watch out for where if anywhere Chad Wick ends up, don't you think? You guys would know before us up here I think.