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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cleveland's New Hockey Team: The Lake Erie Monsters?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Browns, Indians, Cavs and now the Lake Erie Monsters? Yeeech. Maybe "The Eeries" would have worked. Anyhow, the new hockey team's video is monstrous in its own right. This gives Nessie a bad name.

Update: 8:00 a.m., Jan. 26, 2007. Thought about the name over night. Have a few other possibilities (all pretty lame.)

The Rusty Belters.

The Squished Midges.

The Rock Haulers.

The Pain Dealers.

The Fightin' Pirogis.

The Grateful Shad.

The Slavic Czechers (Or checkers)

The Heights Shakers. (UHHG)

The Snow Belters.

The Wooly Worms.

The Superior Avs (plays off Colorada Avs)

The Flats Rats.

The Battlin' Potholes.

The Cleveland Stealers.

The Elliott Nessies.


  1. Did you sleep at all last night?

  2. Yes, Jill. I went into my snoring room and caught plenty of zzzzzz's. What time do you present tomorrow? Maybe I can wake up in time to catch the event in Columbus. Sounds very, very useful and progressive.