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Sunday, January 07, 2007

DNC Auditing In Ohio? So Says Brian Rothenberg

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Former Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Brian Rothenberg has dipped his toe into the world of political columnizing with ''Shadows On High," a commentary he is now publishing at And the first one has broken fresh info about outside consultants on the loose at ODP headquarters.

He talks about the ''Fern" under scrutiny. That's not a reference to a potted plant. Isn't the ODP state chairman a gentleman named Redfern? ''Word is the 'Fern' is undergoing an operational audit led by former DNC honcho David Wilhelm. We say word because despite a couple of stints there myself (the last ending in August when I came to PO) alums haven't heard a peep from the DNC 'prize' patrol,'' Rothenberg wrote.

His whole column is well worth reading, along with the comments. It has a pre-modern flavor and is written in a Winchelese style that zings along like it was telegraphed to a newspaper out of the New Deal White House. Not everybody who posted comments liked Brian's style, and some complained they didn't get the inside references and found his use of English less than clear.

I can say this to the critics. Over the years, I spoke with Brian a few times while he was at ODP and the man knows how to use words and language. He can be crisp and precise. He doesn't communicate by Columbus-speak. His column is different, and it has some newsy items. Stick with it Brian.

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