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Thursday, January 18, 2007

MoveOn Ad Rips Sen. McCain: Bush Is His Patsy

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- is trying to raise money for an independent attack ad that pillories Republican Sen. John McCain as the architect behind White House plans to send more troops to Iraq. In a fundraising e-mail, MoveOn said it wants to get the ad broadcast in Iowa and New Hampshire, early key presidential states, and on national CNN. MoveOn calls McCain ''the darling of the media" and contends his maverick status gives cover to neo-cons intent on escalating the war.

"Our goal is to show that there will be a real political cost to John McCain and to anyone else who promotes such a reckless move," the e-letter from MoveOn's Tom Mattie says. ''Once the pundits see that John McCain is losing support, and that McCain doesn't need to be treated with kid gloves, other politicians will flee from this incredibly unpopular position."

A link to the ad on YouTube is HERE. MoveOn has a lot of information about its history and involvement in the progressive political movement HERE.

McCain -- a former prisoner of war in Vietnam -- has called for at least 30,000 more troops. He ran against Bush in the 2000 GOP presidential primaries, but was crushed by Karl Rove's tactics and a whisper campaign that portrayed him as mentally shaky and etc.

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