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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ohio '08 Straw Poll: Obama, Edwards Lead

AKRON (TDB) -- Admittedly a small sample and admittedly very early, but the effort to drill a bit into the strata indicates Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards already have support sloshing in the depths. And New Mexico's Bill Richardson is drawing more interest than the East Coast pundits may suspect. Sen. Hillary Clinton looks softer than billed in the national media.

The straw blowing in the wind: What is Al Gore up to?

Liken this poll to a geologic probe that puts a borehole into the Earth. It produces a glimmer of what's below and exposes seams of minerals in the rock. But it doesn't guarantee an oil-strike. Still, the straw poll was adroit wildcatting in the wide open fields of political prospecting.

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