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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ohio Judicial Conference: Judge Judy's Big Bucks

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Expect Ohio's judges to lobby the legislature for higher salaries this year. The annual paycheck for a Common Pleas Court judge is $118,050, a sum that most households in the state would find quite handy. But that might not suit somebody who went to law school and sees corporate attorneys and major law firm partners earning far higher wages. Of course, there is even better dough pretending to be a judge. Think show biz.

This wistful/envious commentary about the money TV magistrate Judge Judy makes is up on the Web site of the Ohio Judicial Conference, the statewide organization that represents the interests of all 700 Ohio judges.

Just so everyone knows, Ohio's Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer makes $146,750 annually. The six associate justices earn $137,750 apiece. Judge Judy does far better.

Ohio's court of appeals judges make $128,400; common pleas $118,050; municipal court $111,000, and county judges, $63,850. Beats punching a clock in a factory, but doesn't compare to working under klieg lights. Maybe the judges should put cameras in their courtrooms at all times.

The Ohio Supreme Court has a nice chart that displays the history of state judicial salaries going back several years. I wonder what Judge Wapner made in his heyday as one of the original TV judges?

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