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Friday, January 19, 2007

Ohio's Capital : Wine & Cheese & Lobbying & Backscratching

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Matt over at RightAngleBlog has an interesting item up HERE. What caught my eye on the invitation was not that the "special reception" next week is a "free event" that honors three newly elected Democrats, but that its co-sponsor is a lobbyist from one of Ohio's most influential lobbying firms.

There is information about Aaron Ockerman of State Street Consultants HERE. A list of his current clients can be found HERE. And you can read about State Street Consultants HERE.

I found these pictures on the firm's Web site about some previous soirees called "legislative receptions" HERE. If you look through the small photos, you can find one of Ohio's new Republican State Auditor Mary Taylor. She was just a state representative when the picture was taken at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Of course, the Jan. 24 "special reception" will take place during an annual gathering of Ohio's election officials, the people who keep track of registered voters, run elections and count ballots. Their agenda and schedule is HERE. Ockerman is registered as the organization's lobbyist. I'm sure a good time will be had by all.

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