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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ohio's John Boehner: Dancing The Iraq Sidestep?

HAMILTON, Ohio (TDB) -- House Minority Leader John Boehner, a Republican from Butler County, told his constituents today that he believes President George Bush's strategy to add 21,500 troops in Iraq can succeed.

Here are the OH-08 lawmaker's exact words in response to a question from an anonymous resident of his SW Ohio district:

Q. Where do you stand on the President’s proposed ‘surge’ in Iraq?

A. I believe the President’s new strategy can succeed, but I believe Republicans and Democrats must work together to make sure that happens. The President’s strategy includes military, political, and social dimensions, and I hope his plan gets a fair and thorough hearing in Congress. Success in Iraq is essential to our immediate and long-term national security interests. I commend the President for recognizing recent strategies have not succeeded, and that a new strategy is necessary to stabilize the Iraqi democracy, to deny terrorists a safe haven, and to ensure stability in the region. "

That's pretty close to what Boehner said after Bush announced his plan on national TV. Those post-speech comments are HERE.

But later today, Boehner's office issued a lengthier STATEMENT calling for creating of a special Congressional panel to monitor the President's plan and ensure its success. Sure looks like he's scambling. Inquiring minds might want to ask Boehner: Why was there no need for a Select Committee three months ago when Republicans ran the House? Was the situation in Iraq a waltz then? Or is the GOP's House maestro striking up a new tune -- the bob, weave and sidestep?


  1. Bill -- did the President have a new strategy that involved troop increases three months ago? No. Sorry, but your criticism here is a little weak.

  2. Thanks for checking in, anon. My larger point is that the White House/Rumsfeld war strategy has not been working for some time now. Boehner and the House Republicans could have done something -- anything -- to try to move the President in a different direction. Instead, they seemed unable or unwilling to do anything. Now they want to do something? That's responsible. But why not earlier when they were in charge and had power. Mr. Boehner is a facile leader, and he's looking for the right position. He may have already found it.