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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ohio's Tourism Office: Now Publicizing Gun Show

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The state's travel and tourism Web site,, is currently promoting a major gun show that is scheduled this weekend in suburban Cincinnati at the Sharonville Convention Center. Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland is a gun-rights supporter. So it should not be a surprise that an administration agency would help drum up customers and advertise the event.

Or it may be a legal requirement. The state might have to treat all legitimate comers equally, and gun sales are lawful if federal and state regulations are followed. There is a link showing that DiscoverOhio touted a gun show last December at the same convention hall. Still, plenty of Ohioans might be queasy about their tax dollars being used to publicize the sale of firearms. On the other hand, this should thrill the gun-rights lobby, which often considers Democratic elected officials as hostile.

The show's ad says: "At the gun show you will find: Guns of all kinds. Shotguns. Rifles. Handguns."

The gun show's major domo, Bill Goodman, has a lot of detail available about this weekend's SW Ohio event, and there are pictures to peruse about his recent Nashville, Tennessee production.

One irony: Cincinnati's Democratic Mayor Mark Mallory has gone to Washington this week to join the U.S Conference of Mayors where the central issue being discussed is increasing gun violence in major urban communities. Mallory is also planning a Hamilton County summit where he hopes other mayors and township officials join him in a pledge pushing state and federal officials to crack down on the sale and shipment of illegal guns.

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