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Monday, January 08, 2007

Strickland Veto: Watered Down Consumer Protections

COLUMBUS (TDB) --One of Gov. Ted Strickland's first official acts has been to challenge the Republican-dominated Ohio General Assembly with a veto.

Here's the complete text of the veto message from the governor's office today. The measure was designed, in part, to protect paint manufacturers from huge financial damage awards to cities who contend that lead paint left a toxic residue that contaminates older neighborhoods. Lead is blamed for reducing the intellectual abilities of children, and it has been banned from paint and gasoline for years.

Can the lawmakers' muster an override? Probably not. Strickland grew up in a rural community in Appalachian Ohio called Duck Run that was the boyhood home of cowboy actor and Hollywood legend Roy Rogers. And like Roy, he's riding tall in the saddle.

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  1. The Cinti Enquirer this morning said that some Reps were arguing that he vetoed it too late, that it was more than ten days after the bill was passed. Natch, the article did not bother to say WHEN the bill was passed so that readers might do their own math. What's the word on that, Bill