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Monday, January 22, 2007

SW Ohio's Giant Jesus: Now A Super Savior Song

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Most anybody who has driven on Interstate 75 though the heart of U.S. Rep. John Boehner's OH-08 congressional district has seen the 60-foot statue of Jesus near the highway in Monroe, Oh. It's just a little north of Larry Flynt's Hustler shop, which adds a little deviltry to the town. Some call it "Touchdown Jesus" because the hands stretch skyward into the heavens like a football ref at the goal line. Others say the outlandish size of the fiberglass object outside the Solid Rock Church makes it the "Super Savior."

Now there is a song, "Butter Jesus," by comedic balladeer Heywood Banks, who muses in verse the figure more closely resembles something that might turn up at a State Fair dairy exhibit. He didn't call it the high-cholesterol Christ. But he milks the sardonic notes pretty well on his guitar nonetheless. Listen to his tune HERE. It ain't a hymn.

Here's a look at the Giant Jesus from ROADSIDE AMERICA, which keeps up with developments in the universe of unusual highway attractions.

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