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Monday, January 08, 2007

Wow!! Dems Bashed GOP Over 'Diploma Mill' Ph.D

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Democrats in the State of Delaware were bruising in their denunciation of a Republican official last fall who listed a doctoral degree from Pacific Western University on his biography. That is the same school Rep. Joyce Beatty -- the highest-ranking Democrat in the Ohio House of Representatives -- obtained a Ph.D. from, according to her official state biography.

This is some of the state Democratic party's criticism of Pacific Western University, which the Delaware Dems labeled a "government-declared diploma mill." There was more, including a charge that Kent County, Del., was ''being run by someone who's highest educational achievement is a sham" because he paid $2,000 for his doctoral degree.

As one can see here the blog where the attack appeared, Blue State Rising, is the official blog of the state party. This definitely adds more questions about the credibility of the House minority leader's educational background.

How can Dems in one part of the U.S. shower contempt on a GOP official for a Pacific Western University Ph.D., but seem not to be concerned at all about one of their own in Ohio? Is hypocrisy afoot in the land?

Last week, The Daily Bellwether brought up questions about the California-based school and drew some fire. There were accusations the story was leaked by racists or Republicans running a whisper campaign against Beatty. Now, all can see the truth. The info originated with Democrats.

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  1. As I recall, you were criticized for running the Beatty story without first calling her office to fact-check or to request a comment. No legitimate news source would have published the item you ran because of that.

    Since you ran the item again, have you called her office yet? If so, with whom did you speak? If not, why haven't you made the call?