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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Actor George Clooney's Dad: Applauds Edwards, Rips HIllary

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- There is no discord in the celebrated and celebrity Clooney family. But father, Nick, and son, George, seem to have diverged a bit on the subject of which Democrat they hope will capture the Democratic presidential nomination. George is in Hollywood saying kind words about Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and has reportedly sent campaign funds his way. Back home in the Cincinnati area, Nick said Hillary Clinton reminded him of George Bush and praised John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator. "Bravo, Sen. Edwards," he cheered.

Nick dumped on Sen. Hillary Clinton, and compared her to the sitting president because she won't admit making a mistake when she voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq. "What this may show is a disturbing similarity to President Bush on the major issue of the day. Senator Clinton is inexplicably as stubborn as he is. She would have been well-advised early on to issue a simple statement along the lines of: 'I voted to give the president a free hand to send our troops to war. I was wrong. I learned a hard lesson from my mistake.' Now it may be too late."

Strong stuff thrown at Hillary from the ranking member of the politically active Clooney clan.

Nick has been a TV news anchorman in Ohio, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City over the years and ran unsuccessfully for a Kentucky seat in Congress. His late sister, Rosemary Clooney, was a singing icon and Hollywood figure of note. Nick is an unabashed Democrat and said Edwards has been talking about important subjects while campaigning, as opposed to Sen. Hillary Clinton and Obama, who have been squabbling a bit.

"Seldom is anything of substance brought up on the campaign trail. An exception is the national health care plan of former Sen. John Edwards. He takes the reader step-by-step, explaining where the choke points are in our current system and how to circumvent them. There are some elements here of plans proposed in Massachusetts and California, but it goes beyond them. This plan was prepared by realists, not idealists, and has a chance to be successful," Nick wrote in this week's column, which appears in the Cincinnati Post, an afternoon daily that may cease publication later this year.

"Major stumbling block? Our tangle of mismatched and overlapping insurance providers and their bloated bureaucracies. But this plan deserves a chance and, for once, the climate may be in its favor. Bravo, Sen. Edwards."

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