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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coming To Ohio: Boot Camp For Young Conservatives

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- The socially conservative Citizens for Community Values group that Phil Burress heads is urging right-leaning young political activists to sign up for a "boot camp" at Capital University this weekend. They'll be taught skills that someday could pay off at the ballot box. Classes will explore how to organize, launch a political career, build student organizations and deliver a message that can deliver results. The idea is to sculpt the next generation of conservative leaders, who will have to spend from $30 to $60 for two days of classes in Columbus. Burress's Web site says it is not for the faint of heart.

His CCV, which is based in a Cincinnati suburb, led the campaign to ban gay marriage in Ohio. It is generally seen as an important state voice aligned with the Christian right.

Check out the ssocial conservative boot camp. The program will be put on by the Leadership Institute, an organization in Arlington, Va., that has trained about 54,000 conservatives in everything from writing news releases to campaign techniques. Its Web site is HERE.


  1. Bring out the military recruiters and let them put their "money" (read: body) where their mouth is.

  2. I'm assuming no one wants me to make a crack about how the last big gathering of young conservatives in this state (last summer) got a supposedly "rising star" indicted on numerous criminal counts related to very allegedly unfamily like values?

  3. If you did choose to make such a comment, it would be very pointed.....

  4. I'll be nice - it's almost Shabbat.