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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Demo Prezzie Forum: 3 p.m. EST Today In Nevada

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich doesn't register in the presidential primary polls, but his Web site makes the boldest statement anywhere on the Democratic campaign trail about opposition to the Iraq War. While everybody else uses words and position papers, the House member from Cleveland's West Side has placed a 1960s-style peace symbol on his homepage KUCINICH 2008.

It graces the second zero in 2008, a clever and dignified method to proclaim the campaign's over-riding message. By the way, the first zero in 2008 is filled with a map of the western hemisphere. Not flashy. But an unmistakable way to state upfront the Kucinich candidacy is a crusade for world peace.

As for the AFSCME forum in Carson City, Nev., will Kucinich scorch Hillary, John Edwards and Obama for voting to fund the Iraq war? Obama won't be attending, but that may not matter to Kucinich, who has gone nowhere in any polls. The forum might give him a chance to make a splash.

AFSCME's announcement doesn't indicate that the war will be a topic, but it's hard to imagine that nothing will come up. The union says only that some 500 "members and retirees from Nevada will ask the candidates where they stand on today's pressing issues: Will they pledge to support a vibrant public sector workforce? What will they do to protect Social Security and ensure that every American retires in dignity? How will they make college more affordable for poor and middle class families?"

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