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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Editors Doze As Clone Pro-War Letters Flood U.S. Newspapers

CINCINNATI (TDB) - Pro-war letters to the editor that say President George W. Bush has a "clear plan for victory in Iraq" have shown up recently in American newspapers from New York to Colorado. The letters are word-for-word clones. The blog has uncovered the plot.

This is an old trick. And sadly too many of the the nation's editors seem to have been caught dozing. Or maybe they just don't think that people with political agendas would try to slip something past. Irregular Times says a sharp-eyed journalist at the newspaper in Tacoma caught a whiff and pitched a fit in print.

The letters say: "President Bush has a clear plan for victory in Iraq that begins with training Iraqi forces so they can defend their country and fight the terrorists.
We are making tremendous progress towards this objective. Earlier this year, Iraqi forces led the fight in clearing out terrorists during the crucial battle of Tal Afar, with U.S. troops in a supporting role, and every day, Iraqis are taking more control of the situation on the ground. Withdrawing from Iraq, as some Democrats in Washington propose, would send a dangerous signal to our enemies that we cut and run when the going gets rough. President Bush is offering a clear strategy to win, but not a political quick fix."

If you spot that anywhere in Ohio, realize it's a part of an orchestrated political stunt. People, if you really support the war, write your own letters, use your own words, express original thoughts. Don't be Mortimer Snerd, the ventriloquist's dummy with a wooden head.

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