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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jack La Lanne Is Selling His House: Next Stop Ohio?

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- That good-natured huckster of juicers, the man who never seems to wrinkle, Jack La Lanne, is due in Ohio next month to host a fitness session sponsored by the Ohio Department of Aging. Now the word is out that he's selling his three-bedroom pad in California, and is looking for the high 600s. Not situps. Dollars.

Can't imagine that Jumpin' Jack -- though he's in his early 90s -- is heading for a retirement home. Maybe he's going to scout up new digs in the Buckeye State during his appearance at the Arnold.

Here's a LINK to a California Web site about Palm Springs real estate that mention Jack's plans. And visit CELEBRITY HOMES , which has the lowdown on La Lanne and just about any other name with a home on the market.

How's the song go? I'm just glad he don't live in a trailer.

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  1. Jack and Elaine have a permanent home in Morro Bay Ca. They are selling their home in Palm Springs that they have had for many, many years. Jack used to spend time in Palm Springs playing golf and socializing when he had a tv show in LA from 1959 to 1984. After his show was canceled they moved full time to Morro Bay.