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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kucinich In Ohio: Blasts Obama, Hillary, Edwards Over War

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Rep. Dennis Kucinich is in New England campaigning for president, but before he left Ohio this weekend he stopped at a Democratic breakfast in Wapakoneta and said "the people who put us in this war ought to go to jail." Then he knifed some major figures in his own party. Wapakoneta is a small town on I-75 in Auglaize County that his best known as the boyhood home of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon. The anti-war Cleveland congressman's comments were carried by the Lima News, whose reporter Bob Blake caught the oral tirade aimed at Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards. Kucinich described them as phonies.

"We have to end the war. This war is corrupt, it's illegal. The people who put us in that war ought to go to jail. Not only did I vote against the authorization, there were 13 separate funding bills. I voted against every one of them. Sen. Clinton voted 10 out 10 times to fund the war in addition to voting for the authorization. Sen. Edwards voted for the authorization and voted four times to fund the war. Sen. Obama voted eight out of eight times to fund the war. Now, these people are saying that they're opposed to the war but they're voting to fund it. How do you square that?"

Kucinich, 60, also said he's the only Ohioan running for president and "the fact that I'm in the race gives Ohio enormous leverage in the presidency."

The full story is HERE , and the stuff deep in reporter Blake's article about what Kucinich had to say about his own importance as a figure in his home state seems insensible. In the 2004 Democratic president primary, which he stubbornly refused to leave, Kucinich was squashed like a gnat in his own House district.

Ohio is an important state in presidential politics regardless of Dennis Kucinich. It has been important since Abe Lincoln ran in 1860. Kucinich sounds extreme and out-of-touch when he says things like "I'm putting the spotlight on Ohio in the presidential race" to residents of his own state.

Maybe somebody in the the moonwalker's hometown had this thought: Earth to Dennis . . .


  1. if nothing else the former boy mayor is consistent

  2. Hi Buckblog!!

    But is he accomplishing anything? What's the old saying, consistency is the hobgoblin of a small mind. Sure, he's a voice against the war, but hardly anybody in his own party bothers to listen. Or cares what he has to say. Kucinich might be a figure of some import if set aside personal goals and backed one of the majors. Ears would perk up a bit for a day or two, perhaps, if he said HC, or JE, or BR would get his support. Harold Stassen was another boy wonder. Whatever happened to him?