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Thursday, February 01, 2007

MoveOn To Ohio's Voinonvich: Vote No On Surge

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- MoveOn has e-mailed its members to organize a "virtual march" aimed at flooding Ohio's Republican U.S. Sen. George Voinovich's offices with phone calls today. The strategy is to urge Voinovich to support a Senate resolution against President George W. Bush's plan to add about 22,000 troops in Iraq. MoveOn describes Voinovich as a "key senator" who could help deliver a bipartisan message from the Senate to the White House.

The goal: Flush the Ohioan out of the bushes on Iraq.

An elaborate Web site is tracking calls to senators across the nation. MoveOn wants people to click the link and report their results.

"The best thing you can do when you call is speak from the heart. Just tell the person who answers why it's important to you to stop the escalation and end the war on Iraq, There best way to get your point across is to be brief, firm and polite," MoveOn said in an e-mail to members. "Today is a critical day in the fight to block escalation in Iraq and we could really use your help. Can you call Sen. Voinovich today?"

Here are the phone numbers for Voinovich's Ohio offices:

Cincinnati -- 513-684-3265.
Cleveland -- 216-522-7095.
Columbus -- 614-469-6697.
Nelsonville -- 740 -441-6410.
Toledo -- 419-259-3895.

MoveOn said it's not asking for calls to Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown "because he has already indicated that he will vote to stop escalation in the strongest terms possible."

A Q-Pac University poll released earlier this week shows a large majority of Ohioans consider the war the most important issues facing the nation. It also found there is little support for the addition of troops to Iraq. Voinovich has not said much directly to his constituents, and the freshest "news" on his Senate portal this morning is dated from early December 2006. Clearly, he's playing things close to his vest. Polling shows that Republicans in Ohio still support the war by a slight margin, and Clevelander Voinovich probably is concerned ticking off conservatives in his party. But he also may be setting himself up for a tough race with an anti-war Democrat in four years -- if he seeks re-election.

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