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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ohio Going Global: Translation Programs Increase Transparency

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- This is what Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has to say about himself to Japanese speakers:


That is the first paragraph from Dann's biography on his official state Web site. The Democrat has created a portal that can be translated into 15 languages, including Arabic and Chinese. The English version goes as follows:

"Whether leading the charge to expose and clean up corruption, fighting to make sure our troops in Iraq have the body armor they need, working to improve our public schools, protecting our environment, defending Social Security, or helping to preserve family farms, Marc Dann brings a lifelong commitment to democratic principles, a commitment to the highest ethical standards, and a fierce devotion to working families to the office of Ohio Attorney General."

Here it is in Russian: "Ли водящ обязанность для того чтобы подвергнуть действию и очистить вверх по развращению, воюя для того чтобы make sure наши войска в Ираке иметь панцырь тела им, работа для того чтобы улучшить наши бесплатные государственные школы, защищающ наши окружающую среду, защищая сочиальное обеспечение, или помогать сохранить семейные фермы, Марк Dann приносит пожизненное принятие окончательного решения к демократическим принципам, принятие окончательного решения к самым высоким этичным стандартам, и свирепую преданность к работая семьям к офису attorney general Огай Огайа."

How cool. In this era of globalization and instant links, there are pockets of Ohio opening up to the world. Everything on Marc Dann's official site can be changed at the click of a mouse. The practice has not caught on widely yet in Ohio, but expect to see more in the not so distant future. Dann is a state government pioneer who is using World Lingo , an instant Web site translation program that is becoming increasingly popular.

Cincinnati, too, has stepped into the global village. The city's Web site can be switched to French, German, Spanish, simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian and Japanese.

The move opens a door to visitors in far off places. And it probably is good for business. Take a look at the Cincy portal in RUSSIAN.

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