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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ohio's Bald Eagles: Eggs Are Now Incubating

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Ohio wildlife officials say at least three of the state's bald eagle pairs already have eggs in their nests near Lake Erie and are incubating them for hatching early next month. The state Department of Natural Resources released THIS PHOTO along with news that a pair began sitting on eggs Janaury 29 in Huron County. Other loving couples have eggs in Ashtabula and Ottawa counties.

Last year,A CANADIAN WEBCAM got millions of hits a day as curious humans from around the world peeked in to watch eagles care for their eggs in a British Columbia nest. Ohio should try the same thing, a move that would demonstrate to the world it is not a state covered with concrete, rusting factory hulks and utility smokestacks belching black soot and ozone into the into the nation's air. Wouldn't it be nice to be known for eagles rather than acid rain? It would demonstrate that Lake Erie is a productive body of water. It could change the worldview. (And it's probably such a good idea it will never happen.)

Ohio has eagles in 53 of its 88 counties. There were four nesting pairs near Lake Erie 27 years ago. Last year, there were 150 eagle nests that produced 206 chicks, a record.

"Bald eagles continue to do well in Ohio, said Steven a Gray, chief of ODNTR's wildlife division. "We are looking forward to another productive season."

And when will the babies arrive? Plan to get out the cigars March 5. That's the due date.

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