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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ohio's High-Wage Occupations: State Lists 50 Best Prospects

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- State officials have published the "Buckeye Top 50", a compilation of Ohio's best paying jobs based on prospects for hiring demands through 2014. The inescapable message: Turn out the lights for factory workers. Forget about blogging. Think about earning a Ph.D. The forecast calls for 9,600 additional college instructors, a 22.9% jump, in less than a decade. Academic salaries will average near $60,000 a year.

Bloggers didn't seem to have any kind of a future. They are not on the list. But there will be a need for plumbers, carpenters and mechanics. The list doesn't show the government sector, which means it is not expected to grow much.

Overall, the Buckeye Top 50 foresees a huge increase in health care workers -- all those baby boomers aging and starting to retire. Apparently, they all won't be scrambling for real estate in Florida and Arizona. Ohio sees a need for 23,910 more registered nurses at an average $54,726 annual wage. The state already has about 107,000 registered nurses. The numbers of physicians and surgeons is expected grow by 6,000. Nobody earns more on the list -- $154,743.

Lawyers are second to doctors in earnings, $100,841. There should be about 3,400 more of them in 2014.

Of all the clusters on the list, the information technology group is going to expand greatly, and computer and information systems managers will make about $98,099. That's on a par with lawyers.

The state says the 50 jobs on the list average $60,000 a year and represent occupations most in demand by employers "and are projected to stay in demand." So why should anybody care? "When considering a career, it is important to examine the number of current job openings, projected job openings, projected growth for the career, average wages and educational requirements. It is important to note that these high-wage jobs required post-secondary education and training."

If any Ohioans are not clear on that, Gov. Ted Strickland's jobs' crew repeats the message with a " News Flash -- Job opportunities in high-wage jobs require education and training." The Buckeye Top 50 is HERE.

RightAngleBlog has some information today about teacher salaries. In 2014, the state projects Ohio high school teachers earning $48,816 and primary school teachers $48,010. That is less than half a lawyer's annual wage. And teachers taught the lawyers how to read and write.

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