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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pro-life Christians Blast Obama And Ohio Gov. Strickland

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A group called Christians for Social Justice has launched a new Web site denouncing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a supporter of gay-marriage and says legalized abortion in the U.S. is "black genocide." The group has been extremely critical of Ohio's Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, an ordained Methodist minister. Christians for Social Justice contends Strickland's policy views about gay unions and abortion rights "don't square with Biblical Christianity."

Is this the Christian right swinging into attack mode? It sure appears that way -- and the new attack on Obama seems to have been launched from Ohio.

Christians for Social Justice is led by Clenard H. Childress Jr., a New Jersey preacher, but the organization's press release announcing, the Web site that attacks the Illinois senator, carried a Columbus dateline. An examination of the site, available HERE, shows that Mark Harrington of Columbus is the group's field director. Harrington describes himself as active in the pro-life movement. The same organization runs the anti-Strickland site HERE.

Childress accuses Obama of supporting the "homosexual agenda" -- which means the senator is going to be dogged by anti-gay rights activists, homophobes and militant pro-lifers in the coming months on the campaign trail. "If elected president, Obama's use of the bully pulpit would be a boost for the culture of death and the homosexual agenda," Childress said. "Also, there would always be a threat on an Obama veto of any significant pro-life or pro-family legislation. Obama would undoubtedly nominate pro-abortion justices of the US Supreme Court, which could etch Roe v. Wade into stone for generations."

There is more HERE. Childress says he's not affilated with any political party, candidate or candidate's committee.

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