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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today's Greeting From Cuyahoga Dem Chief: Happy 2005!!!

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Here are the latest words of wisdom from the Chairman's Desk in Cuyahoga County: "Greetings to my Democratic Friends! 2005 will be a successful year for Democrats in Cuyahoga County. Although last year's race did not turn out the way we would have liked, we can be proud that Democrats united in a grassroots effort to turn out a strong Democratic vote. The margin of victory in Cuyahoga County was overwhelming -- but it wasn't enough to carry the rest of Ohio."

The full-text of Jimmy Dimora's letter is HERE , where it has been frozen in time as the most recent communication from the chief of Ohio's biggest and most important local Democratic organization. It is a bit moldy. Especially the part mourning the John Kerry loss and rallying the troops for 2005.

Has anything important happened between then and now? How about a mid-term election in 2006. How about the election of a Democratic governor after 16 years of GOP rule in Columbus. And how about that quick start of the '08 race for the White House

Maybe Dimora is so busy he just hasn't had time to pen another missive from the chairman's desk and post it on the party's Web site. Or maybe he just doesn't give a dang. Or maybe he loves 2005.

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  1. Or maybe it is a typo.

    At church a week or two ago our bulletin had the date as year 200. Only 1807 years off. Our priest made a joke about it and it was forgotten.

    I think all mistakes should be caught by editors, but they're not.