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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ann Coulter: Edwards Campaign Chief 'Fronts' Terrorists

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- In her quotations from "Chairman Ann," conservative columnist Ann Coulter delivers another calumny. She says that the principle pastime of John Edwards' campaign manager, David Bonior, is to front for Arab terrorists. Arab terrorists? Lame, Ann.

Meanwhile, I have heard that she is a front for the people who own whorehouses in Marseilles, and intend to check this out. I have also heard that she is responsible for Mad Cow Disease, but have not been able to confirm it. I have heard that the 9/11 hijackers all spoke to her the night before the attack, but, again, have not been able to prove this. The NSA reportedly has tapes, but they would never release them, at least not without a lawsuit that I cannot afford to fund. Then, there is word that she has had a sex change operation in Denmark -- again only a rumor. I have also been hearing whispers that she is a member of the Communist Party in the People's Republic of China and favors throwing people who are in favor of free and democratic elections in prison. This rumor might be close to being correct because she does call a portion of her blog "Quotations From Chairman Ann," an obvious play on the Little Red Books that contained the quotations of Chairman Mao. That play on words really looks suspicious, doesn't it?

If any of these are proven to be accurate, I suppose I will report back, at least that is my opinion right now.

Coulter's description of Bonior as a front for Arab terrorists is HERE if you scan down quotations from Chairman Ann. Question: Why Chairman Ann? Does that prove the Danish sex change rumor?

Click here for some of the Bonior Arab stuff.


  1. As horrendous as she is, I'm afraid the chat shows like Chris Matthews and Imus will still book her. Ideally, she should lose her syndication deal, get dropped by her publisher, and be exiled to, say, cable access in Guam.

    I'm old enough to remember a time when scuzzy trash talk like this would end a career, toot suite.

  2. There is more than little substance to the Bonior assessment. This is from Debbie Schlussel 4-1/2 years ago:


    Of course, those efforts were before the attacks of Sept. 11. Now, Arab- and Muslim-American leaders have engaged in a united public relations campaign against terrorism. And while most Arab- and Muslim-Americans are innocent and law-abiding, it's a campaign that rings hollow, given the terrorists they have openly supported.

    Among the most frightening examples of this is the brazen Al-Arian family of Tampa, Fla. Sami Al-Arian is a University of South Florida professor and his son Abdullah, a Duke student, was an intern for Democratic whip, Rep. David Bonior, a Michigan gubernatorial candidate who is very supportive of Arab-American leaders' efforts to block reasonable counterterrorism measures.

    Dr. Al-Arian is the author of this speech: "We assemble today to pay respects to the march of the martyrs and to the river of blood that gushes forth and does not extinguish, from butchery to butchery, and from martyrdom to martyrdom, from Jihad to Jihad."


    Back to me--

    It also appears that pre-9/11, George Bush was deceived by these people, so nobody's clean. But that doesn't alter the likely correctness of Coulter's contention vis-a-vis Bonior, esp since Bonior accompanied McDermott to Baghdad before the war in an attempt to convince us that Saddam was an OK guy.

    George Will had him pegged as "Baghdad Bonior," and not without reason:

    Bonior's formal presence on Edwards' campaign, if that is indeed the case, should be considered at a minimum troubling.

  3. Anon -- 9:11 p.m.

    What a coincidence on the time your post came in last night. Anyhow, I don't think Coulter is usefull as a political analyst any longer. Give her the boot.

    Bill Maher, I have been hearing, tried to joke or crack funny about the near- miss bombing on Dick Cheney. Against, inapprorpiate. Humor is OKAY. Jokes about death and dying -- off limits. Maher ought to start looking for a new line of work -- maybe he and Coulter can tour together.

  4. Bizzyblog/Tom --

    Sami al-Arian also figured in the Damra case in Cleveland.

    There is quite a jump to be made to say that Bonior is a "front" for terrorists, implying that he either aided, abetted or supported Islamic fascism and the attack on the World Trade Center.

    Tom, Edwards may be a terribly flawed candidate with a terribly flawed political platform. That is where I would think that sensible critics -- and you are a sensible critic whose work is often exceptional -- would look for vulnerabilities and press for advantage.

    Is it credible that David Bonior/John Edwards are in favor of terrorism? Heavens, Edwards voted to authorize the war. He now wishes he didn't, but he did. Last time I looked we had an Army in Iraq, Saddam had his neck stretched and there is a vigorous argument under way in this country about whether or not more troops should be sent. Edwards helped set that in motion (again, to his regret, he says.)

  5. Oh Bill, there is no implication on my part that Bonior or McDermott aided, abetted, or supported Islamofascism or the WTC attacks. Schlussel didn't say Bonior was a "front" (I checked); Will didn't say "front"; your Front Page link didn't say "front." So where did THAT come from?

    Pre-9/11, they were probably as unaware as the rest of us (including Bush, as noted) about what some within OBL's group and other Wahabbists are capable of.

    But I absolutely agree with George Will when he wrote:

    McDermott and Bonior are two specimens of what Lenin, referring to Westerners who denied the existence of Lenin's police-state terror, called "useful idiots.''

    That is, they're so hopelessly naive that they really did talk themselves in 2002-2003 into thinking Saddam wasn't a bad guy.

    I don't take Edwards seriously enough as a candidate to critique him. It's not like there's a shortage of time between now and the election if I'm wrong.

  6. Bizzyblog/Tom --

    "Useful idiots" is an above the belt term to use in political debate. "Faggot" and "front" for Arab terrorism are not.

    Although, Tom, I wonder how long before idiots is stricken. I did see where the Ohio legal code is being rewritten to eliminate the word as insulting. I think it is a perfectly fine word, although I would not use it to describe someone who is developmentally disabled or suffers from a severe head or brain injury. I don't see why one could not call a politician, a blogger or a journalist an idiot. Other professions, too, like batters who strike out with the bases full etc.

  7. I disagree with you on "front for Arab terrorism," though as noted I don't see any source either you or I cited that used the term. If someone is really serving as a front for Arab terrorism (George Galloway comes to mind), there's certainly nothing out of line in saying so.

    I don't think calling someone an idiot or f****t serves any purpose, and as you see I don't use the F-Word myself, but I don't think either should be stricken from the language (what will I do with the Dire Straits song, "Money for Nothing"?) I certainly reserve the right to call an IDEA "idiotic."

  8. Bizzyblog/Tom --

    Understand where you are coming from.

  9. Oh yeah, good catch about Dire Straits. I forgot about that song and that word in it. Wasn't it edited or censored for airplay when released? Tom, I have a memory that the LP or disc was rawer than what was on AM and FM because of the FA****-word. Under today's FCC rules could it be played without a fine? Just wondering . . .

  10. Your post was very pack in a few obviously wrong assertions...911 etc... and then slip in the Big Fact. 'Ann' was born Arthur.

    This is very easy to prove in America. 'She' has an education so 'she' finished High School. Therefore there exists, somewhere, a graduation magazine which carries 'her' photo and some dopey remarks about her. Every American High School has this ritual.

    Why isn't there a big media rush to produce this photo from 'her' High School magazine? Why is there no rush to interview 'her' class mates? Can anyone even find out the name of 'her' High School?

    Mike Davis