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Friday, March 16, 2007

Barack Vs. Hillary: Harris Poll Now Says The Race Is Dead Even

COLUMBUS (TDB) --A fresh Harris Poll shows that Sen. Barack Obama's support has grown since February and he now is even with Sen. Hillary Clinton. Both receive identical 41% support from among all voting age adults. But Democratic voters still give Hillary the edge when asked if they would consider voting for her, although the number, 27%, is 9 points less than a month ago.

For Ohioan Dennis Kucinich, he finally registered in a major national poll. The Cleveland congressman and his longshot campaign got 1% of Democrats and 1% of Independents, which means he's still sucking dust. But a handful of people seem to have noticed he's out there stumping

Al Gore is in third place among Dems, ahead of John Edwards, whose campaign seems mired in the Harris results. The Harris Poll was conducted online between March 1 and 12, and 2,776 adults were surveyed. Harris said it is not a prediction of who would win and called it a "snap shot of the presidential horse race at a very early stage in the race."

The data is HERE , and the thing that seems most striking is that Clinton has lost ground to Obama

"Among Democrats, Senator Clinton still has a clear (27% to 21%) lead over Obama as first choice, but this is down from 36% to 18% in February. Among independents, almost equal numbers prefer Clinton (10%) and Obama (9%). In February, Clinton had a two-to-one (16% to 8%) lead."

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