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Friday, March 16, 2007

Boss Hogg's Revenge: Cincinnati Pops Boots The Dukes As Redneck Culture

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A former southern congressman who came to prominence playing a mechanic named "Cooter" on the old nework TV show The Dukes of Hazzard says political correctness has cost the sitcom's two male leads a gig with the Cincinnati Pops orchestra. Ben Jones said John Schneider, who played Bo Duke, and Tom Wopat, his onscreen cousin Luke, were dumped over complaints the show about a rural southern community had "racial overtones," a charge that Jones said is ludicrous.

Jones is from North Carolina and served as a Democrat in the House. A brief online bio about his political career shows he served two terms from Georgia.
Schneider has a movie coming out next month and has been in Alabama raising money for victims of the tornado that wrecked Enterprise and destroyed the town's high school earlier this month. The 1980s TV show is something of a cult classic in the South, and has been on CMT in reruns, though no longer seems to be available on the cable network. In June, there is a big celebration called DukesFest held at the Bristol Speedway.

Jones claims the Cincinnati NAACP chapter played some role in the decision, but evidence of that was not immediately available. There is nothing about the dust up or the Dukes on the Pops' schedule and official site. But Jones' statement is on his Web site, Cooter's Place, HERE.

"I wish I was making this up. But, unfortunately it is true. It is bizarre. One reason our show is loved by folks of all colors all over the world is that racism is non-existent in Hazzard County. It is an innocent show where the good guys always win and nobody gets hurt, and brotherhood is a natural thing there. What could these politically correct vigilantes be thinking?"

The American-built car the Dukes drove, the Gen. Lee, apparently had a Confederate flag visible in some episodes of the Warner Bros. series. And the horn played Dixie when honked. Many view the stars and bars as a racist symbol of southern slavery and segregation. Dixie was a southern anthem. The Warner's Web site about the show and a couple of movies is HERE, but this click takes you to an episode about the Gen. Lee.

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    These are exciting days for Schneider. He roared to stardom as Bo Duke on TV’s hit show THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, jumping creeks in the famous ‘69 Dodge Charger, “The General Lee.” The popular and evergreen ‘80s series continues to air in multiple reruns on cable and recently spawned a couple new movies.

    After many starring roles in TV shows including “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” “Diagnosis Murder,” and “Veronica's Closet,” Schneider burst back into popular stardom as Jonathan Kent, Superboy’s father, on the hit series “Smallville.”

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    Schneider stars alongside Cloris Leachman in the horror movie “Lake Placid 2,” the SciFi Channel’s sequel to the ‘99 horror flick “Lake Placid.”

    He also stars in the current film “Hidden Secrets,” a comedy that asks, “How well do you know your friends?”

    “These are exciting days,” says Schneider. “I’m proud of these projects, especially of my film COLLIER & CO.”

    John Schneider has appeared in:

    Call of the Wild – John Thornton ‘08
    Derby – lead character ‘08
    The Ogre – lead character ‘08
    Blood Pressure – Walter ‘08
    Sydney White – Paul White ‘07
    Beautiful Loser – Andre ‘07
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    Hidden Secrets - Gary Zimmerman ‘07
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    Smallville - Jonathan Kent ‘01-’06
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    Felicity: An American Girl Adventure - Mr. Merriman ‘05
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    The Nick at Nite Holiday Special - Ski Instructor ‘03
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