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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Conservative Blog Diva Michelle Malkin: Coulter Spewed 'Garbage'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Michelle Malkin says on her blog that Ann Coulter finally went too far by using the word "faggot" at a conservative gathering in Washington last week. Malkin is HERE , and she likened Coulter's pejorative to "gook," a vile expression that is a derogatory and offensive term about Asians. It is the kind of word that makes parents dash for a bar of soap if they hear their child speak it. They want to wash out the offender's mouth.

Malkin said Coulter brought shame to the conservative movement. "With a single word, Coulter sullied the hard work of hundreds of CPAC participants and exhibitors and tarred the collective reputation of thousands of CPAC attendees," Malkin wrote, adding that supporting conservative ideas is serious business, not public performance art.

"You can and should use humor to convey your message. You can enlighten and entertain -- without becoming a tired old schtick. You can joke without becoming the joke."

Michelle Malkin is correct. And Ann Coulter should be looking for a new career outside the punditocracy. She should start by calling Ringling Brothers. Maybe they need a clown. Her newspaper clients should dismiss her forthwith. If they need a female conservative voice, hire Michelle Malkin as a replacement. Malkin is combative, but she has the good sense to recognizes that epithets are off limits.

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