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Monday, March 26, 2007

John Edwards on Katie Couric's Questions: She Did A Fine Job

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards says he has no beef with the questions Katie Couric asked during a March 25 interview on 60 Minutes. John and Elizabeth Edwards appeared on the CBS News show to discuss the reappearance of Elizabeth's breast cancer and the couple's decision to remain in the presidential race despite her illness.

Some critics have been hammering Couric on blogs because they consider her questions sensational or inappropriate. John Edwards released this statement saying he thought Couric did an excellent job. If he's happy, case closed.

"So no, I thought the questions were fair. Tough. I thought they were tough, but they were fair."


  1. I didn't think her questions were tough - I thought they were ORDINARY! But I wasn't disappointed because my expectations for her are so low. She wasted time asking the same question three different ways because she was dissatisfied with the answer, as though she didn't believe them. Now, I've done that too - but usually I just say, "I find that so hard to believe. So ,you really mean that..."

    Ugh. She just does NOTHING for me.

    Harsh critic, I know.

  2. Hi Jill -

    Standard network celebrity/politico get. I'm glad to see the Edwardses talking about this so openly. I could do without the Katie touch. It's an important thing that John and Elizabeth are doing . . . showing that life is more important than death, or worrying about death. I think the Jesuits say every day is a gift and you should live it as such and try to find God in all things. Anyhow, I thought Katie C's involvement kind of turned it into celebrity pap. She does nothing for me, either.