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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ohio Newspaper: Scrutinizing Legislators' Driving Records?

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Nobody ran a stop sign delivering this news tip . But the Statehouse rumor mill is revved up and speeding with word that the Akron Beacon Journal may be asking questions about the driving records of Ohio lawmakers. An insider close to the top flashed this tidbit via e-mail:

"By the way, the Akron Beacon Journal had made a public records request of all official names, addresses and birth dates of all members of the Ohio House. They say they are going to search all driving records and how many tickets [they] have in the interest of public safety. I cannot understand their angle since [the House] is not doing anything in the Transportation Budget against the State Patrol or red light cameras. Maybe it is preemptive."

Later, another e-mail:

"Every GOP member has been notified by the Speaker's office about the Beacon Journal's public records request of all members. . . the ABJ asked for three things: Correct spelling of names, address, date of birth. They then said the purpose was to check ALL members driving records for a potential story."

The buzz is raising quite a few eyebrows. Does somebody have a lead foot? A drinking problem? No insurance, or too many points? [Full Disclosure: I once worked for the Beacon Journal as a reporter. I don't know many people there these days. And, assuming the rumor is accurate, I wonder what is up, if anything.]


  1. Bill, Bill, Bill - The House Finance Committee reinstated $30 million for the Sate Highway Patrol (Patrol says it would lose 500 officers without the money) that Strickland had cut and then rejected Strickland's desire to cut the tax break to gas wholesalers which Strickland wanted to do to pay for the Patrol's needs.

    Someone may be checking to see just how much that $30 million is needed?

  2. I recall (in a diferent lifetime) that a Cincy paper poked into the driving records of council & discovered that then-councilman Jerry Springer owed thousands in unpaid parking fines. Ya just never know what might turn up, unless you look.(I wonder if he ever paid up???)