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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ohio Oscar Winner Halle Berry: She's A 'Perfect Stranger' In Her Home Town

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Hollywood beauty Halle Berry showed up in Cleveland for a premiere of "Perfect Stranger," her latest star vehicle with Bruce Willis. She plays a reporter on the trail of Internet chat room killers. Berry wore a gold lame coat to the premiere in the suburbs where she grew up, gushed how much she loved her home town on Lake Erie, and split after 55 minutes. Some are saying that Berry's passionate love for Cleveland was actually an affair, a very brief affair, because 55 minutes on a Friday night in a movie theater barely qualifies as a fling.

In the old days, when drive-in movies were popular, they were called "passion pits" because of back seat romancing. Would Berry's Friday evening flit through Ohio even rate as a passion pit stop?

Ralph King, who went to Bedford High School with Berry and graduated with her in 1984, is blogging today that his classmate is dripping in phoniness. He said she is the ultimate fake. And the 55 minutes shows just how bogus the star habitually has been.

"When we were in Bedford High School, the black & white students got along very well and hung around in integrated groups. Many of us were close friends and continue to be. Problem was that growing up, Halle would look down at the other black students in school. The white students did not take kindly to Halle being so condescending towards friends of ours, which caused her to be picked on by many students of both races.

"Halle, being of mixed race, had a habit of being 'white' one day and 'black' the next day. Which led us to continually ask her, 'Hey Halle, are you black or white today?'"

Meanwhile, The Plain Dealer covered Halle Berry at the theater and said she took off for Dallas after her 55 minutes of fame. The story was played straight, but did note that Berry's mom, Judith, has moved away to LA and the actor's sister, who lives in Kent, Ohio, didn't show up for the premiere because the move is R-rated. Five kids couldn't come to see gorgeous Aunt Halle because the movie was R-rated. Apparently, a babysitter wasn't available -- or there may be more to the story that wasn't reported.

Halle professed her love of Ohio, according to the The Plain Dealer, before flying away.

"I'm so happy to be home. I swear this is true. No matter how many countries I've been to, no matter how many warm receptions I've gotten, my heart was beating when I pulled up. Nothing feels better. The voices all sound familiar in some weird way. I'm of here. I'm from here. And I'm one of you."

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  1. Hello Bill and thank you for picking that up.

    Another note - as for always saying she "loves" her hometown - she seldom brings up Bedford High School or the City of Oakwood.

    Loved your post