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Friday, March 30, 2007

Ohio's Osprey: Barely Back From Brazil And Already Busy Building A Nest

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Ohio's osprey is already back home at Alum Creek State Park after completing a nearly 3,500-mile migration from the Amazon rainforest where he winters. The bird of prey wasted no time on a siesta -- it located the female it courted and mated with last year and immediately went to work restoring a nest for this year's breeding season. Babies are probably due in a matter of weeks. State wildlife officials with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources report the osprey -- which has been tracked by satellite for three migrations -- returned five days earlier this year.

Ospreys are cousins of hawks and eagles and falcons, but they live on fish dinners. In Great Britain, the ospreys are stars who are followed on a BBC webcam that will start filming them upon their arrival at a nesting site in a few days. The British nickname for ospreys: Nature's anglers.

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