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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sweaty, Stinky Women Promised Help By Big Ohio Company

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Procter & Gamble says it will market this month a powerful anti-perspirant and deodorant that is supposed to raise the self-esteem of sweaty women. The giant consumer products company in Ohio says the advanced version of Secret is as strong as prescription products but will be available over-the counter "for women who need it most."

Once upon a time, the deodorant was labeled Ice Blue Secret and its pitch woman was Katy Winters in thousands of televison commercials. Katy hasn't been seen in years, and the speculation is that she expired of frozen armpits from the Ice Blue Secret. Another possibility: Katy ran off with a Right Guard from a football team. Both stories are probably urban myths.

This new version, according to Procter & Gamble, comes with wetness protection, odor-fighting capsules and skin conditioners.

"Nearly 23% of women today perceive themselves as 'heavy sweaters,' and this can often lead to feelings of embarrassment and discomfort among females, especially teenagers. As a result, women may limit their activities and place unnecessary boundaries on themselves to avoid these feelings," Procter & Gamble said in a statement. "Many women who experience heavy sweating seek prescription-strength anti-perspirants, however many of these products can irritate the skin."

Now their armpits are safe. I guess P&G's scientists came up with this by the sweat of their brows. A dermatology professor at St. Louis University was quoted by P&G saying that the product will give women confidence and "make them feel comfortable in their own skin."

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