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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cincinnati's Republican Chair: Dust-Farting Sissies In GOP?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A chunk of the Ohiosphere is now occupied by insurgent bloggers. Or the chairman of a major Republican political organization in this state has slipped his mental moorings. Probably the former.

Why else would something like this appear attributed to AngryGeorge, who is supposed to be the 'sphere's alter ego of Hamilton County GOP Chairman George Vincent:

"Simon Leis is a dust-farting sissy. Ever since Pat DeWine decided to act like a conservative on this jail tax, Simon Leis has been flapping his dentures as though anybody in this town actually gives a flying crap what he says. No, wait a minute. I'm giving that sack of bones too much credit."

A satirical blog that probably is a cleverly honed bit of culture-jacking has bubbled up on Google's Blogger replete with a logo showing a Democratic donkey about to mount a Republican elephant. And the mount is not for a ride on the elephant's back. This blog punks DeWine, a Hamilton County commissioner who is former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine's son, and Simon Leis, a former prosecutor, judge and now the sheriff.

Expect this to be traced back to the anti-tax movement; more specifically the suspects are probably people opposed to a local tax increase that is earmarked to build a new jail.

If the straight-laced Vincent is actually the author, expect a mushroom cloud to appear over Cincinnati any second. This would be a real political meltdown, a moment that would make Toledo's Democratic stripper-gate seem like putt-putt at Cedar Point. Vincent is a corporate lawyer who owns a piece of the Cincinnati Reds. Anyhow, AngryGeorge has quite a way with words.

"As the greatest and most respected leader in the history of the Hamilton County Republican Party, I was repulsed by the ass-kicking we got last November, largely due to the fact that the candidates we put up last year sucked like a girlfriend I had back in law school."

Inquiring minds want to know: Is it proper, and legal, to steal someone's identity and use it as the creator and author of a blog? Is it a political dirty trick if it turns out the real author/creator is a Democrat, or somebody affiliated with the party? What are the rules about this kind of stuff, should there be rules, and does it erode the credibility -- if there is any credibility -- of the Ohiosphere?


  1. You: "does it erode the credibility -- if there is any credibility -- of the Ohiosphere?"

    ME: Only if we treat these idiots as legitimate... My best guess is that this blog could be traced to the notorious Whistleblower or one of his minions. Your anti-tax group theory is right on target...I would follow that instinct and actually encourage you to investigate the origins of this blogger and expose him/her as the fraud that they are because there is a real threat to the credibility of those of us who take the Ohiosphere seriously.

    Founding Member, State of Ohio Blogger Alliance

  2. Hi Matt --

    Thanks for stopping and offering an opinion.

    I have heard from some people today that it might actually be defamatory or actionable (or some such legalese) to hijack a person's identity and use it. I guess that means a joke can only go so far. For example, if I wrote a letter to the editor and used your name to misstate your positions, there might be some element of invasion of privacy, false light etc. In other words, I don't think a prank of this order is . . . well, you get the point.

    And it does undermine the cred factor.