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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Making The World A Safer Place? Iran Promises Syria Jets, Tanks And Weapons

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- More instability in the Middle East is ahead if Iran actually delivers $1 billion in military aid for Syria. This appears to be a sign that no matter what the current U.S. administration says it is doing to make the world safer, it actually may be destabilizing a volatile part of the globe world and endangering allies.

When Saddam was in power, the Baathists were fierce foes of Iran. Now they are friends. The Jerusalem Post story says the Iranian aid includes support for chemical research that might be turned into WMDs.


  1. Of course you know Bill that this administration is filled with war profiteers and oil pirates. How many times do we have to see the Bushies holding hands and making out with the Saudi's?

    Halliburton Chenney, George W Carlyle and Condi had an exxon oil tanker named after her. They're in the arms business and they're making a killing.

    If they were in the shoe business there would be shoes going to the third world instead of bombs and WMDs.

  2. Dear Anon --

    I knew the Bushies held hands. Making out with the Saudis? That would be something. Are there pictures? The traffic here would go through the roof . . .

    Sadly, though, a lot of people share your cynicism. And to a too large degree it was probably brought on by the people in power that you mentioned. I didn't know there was a tanker named after Condi Rice? How big is it? When was it christened?