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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OH-02: Vic Wulsin Gets Great Play Today In Dems' Official Party Blog

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Vic Wulsin wrote a major anti-war post on the Ohio Democratic Party blog today. But there was no direct mention she is running in a contested primary for the party's nomination in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, long a GOP redoubt that increasingly looks vulnerable to a swing.

The seat is held by U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, a Republican who has been an ardent supporter of President George W. Bush. Schmidt looks shaky for 2008, and faces a challenger from her own party.

Since the ODP blog is read primarily by political junkies and insiders, it probably didn't matter that Wulsin's candidacy wasn't directly promoted. Instead, it gave her a great forum to bash President George W. Bush's Iraq War strategy as an increasingly bloody failure. And her picture pops up -- which put her in company with Gov. Ted Strickland and the other statewide Dem leaders whose photos appear on the party weblog.

Here are some of Wulsin's words:

"I believe our soldiers have served honorably and with great success, however, the time for soldiering has ended. They have completed their mission. I support a reduction of U.S. forces in Iraq, beginning as soon as possible. Our gradual exit should be replaced by genuine international cooperation and increased responsibility for the independent Iraqi government."

Wulsin, a physician who lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill, said she trained at the VA hospital in Cleveland. "It was a pinnacle of health care. Every veteran deserves such treatment."

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