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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ohio Has Jobs!!! Click And The State Helps You Find Openings Online

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Jobs, jobs, jobs. Paychecks are available and Ohio recently has vastly improved its efforts to link workers and work by putting easily located links on the front of the state homepage, a site visited by about 175,000 people each week.

The state homepage was redesigned earlier this month, and the goal was to make it more useful to information consumers. That goal appears to have been met. Or maybe exceeded.

Right now, there are nearly 62,000 jobs listed on this state website, which The Daily Bellwether is christening "Ted's List" because Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has made the help wanted data much simpler to locate on the portal. It is a reform way overdue and overlooked during the stagnant Bob Taft era. It is a sign that the new hands controlling state government intend to cleverly adapt Internet technology in ways to serve the public.

Critics might say this is siphoning money away from the newspaper industry, a private enterprise which has been fattened on help-wanted ads for decades. There was a saying that newspapers would be healthy as long as people had to buy one to find a job. That time, clearly, has passed.

But wait!!! There's more. Anybody interested in finding a state job can check out this site, where the Strickland administration is posting employment opportunities in state government. Again, it is easily accessible. And the openings are listed by county, along with the requirements and pay scales

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