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Friday, July 20, 2007

Ohio State Rep. Tom Brinkman: Judge Says He's A Crook

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Sharon Coolidge of the Cincinnati Enquirer has the big story that is rocking the Hamilton County Courthouse and will cause waves in Ohio politics: Common Pleas Judge Bob Ruehlman Judge says State Rep. Tom Brinkman is a "real criminal."

Ruehlman is a Republican, as is Brinkman, but he was was livid that Brinkman reportedly changed 1,000 signatures on an anti-gay rights petition circulated in Cincinnati and wasn't prosecuted for an elections law violation.

The complaint filed with the Hamilton County Board of Elections that began the investigation originated with Citizens to Restore Fairness, an organization that favored rights for gays and others who faced discrimination in Cincinnati. Judge Ruehlman said Brinkman tried to cheat and his actions took away "the right for people to decide issues when you cheat like that."

Brinkman is a conservative pro-lifer who represents the 34th district in the state House. He has introduced bills that would outlaw abortion in Ohio. He faces term limits next year from his state House seat, which covers the East Side of Cincinnati and some suburbs.

In the past, Brinkman has told the Bellwether he didn't tamper with the petitions illegally. He said he got advice to do what he did from a lawyer, David Langdon, who was a special counsel for former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, a Republican who was the state's top elections official. Langdon also was involved with Citizens for Community Values, the Cincinnati area group that led the fight for the anti-gay marriage amendment adopted in a 2004 statewide referendum. Langdon was co-author of the amendment.

Brinkman has made noises that he might for Congress in OH-02. But Ruehlman's blast probably cut the legs out from under any political future he might have. Opponents will always point out that a judge called him a crook in open court.


  1. I think you underestimate Brinkman, and overestimate Ruehlman's importance. But we'll see.

  2. Hi Bizzyblog:

    I posted a few thoughts on your site.

    However, it is my opinion that Judge Ruehlman's swat will damage Brinkman's reputation. In the hands of a skilled political propagandist, the judge's remarks can be made into an extremely powerful attack ad. The key words I want to dwell on: Skilled propagandist.

    Ruehlman, who has a reputation for bluntness on the bench, has been around since he sent Marvin L. Warner to prison for the Home State scandal. And he's been speaking his mind.

    The gay community reviles Brinkman, and can raise money easily. They can employ creative people. If Brinkman runs for anything anytime soon, he will be hit with a ton of bricks. The bricks will be Judge Ruehlman's words, but they will be thrown by people who have scores to settle with Tom Brinkman Jr.

  3. It is obvious to the mainstream Republicans that Tom Brinkman has gone "over the Brink" with his cut taxes at all cost...communities and especially school systems are the target of COAST and CARE..seeing the "New World Order" at every turn and ignoring the future of our young people and our communities...Look at those chosen to be "clones" in the CARE group...Sad and even more sad if Tom decides to make a bid for the U.S. House..

  4. Tom Brinkman has made more enemies than just the gay community. You can count parents with children in school districts like Fairfield, Mason, Northwest Local, Kings, Lakota, Milford, and others. Why does someone who staunchly supports family values go after an institution that affects so many families? Tom Brinkman's ultra conservative political and religious beliefs, I believe, are his underlying motive to attack public schooling. You can also consider his attack on public schools a class war. Rumour has it he comes from a family with a successful business that allows him plenty of free time and money to pursue his political ambitions. His 6 children are home schooled so he has no interest in understanding the impact he has imposed on middle class people who have to work and depend on public schools. We don't have the time or the luxury like Tom Brinkman to home school our kids or send them to private schools. He is out of touch with the majority of society and needs to be de-railed from any political office. Parents and Gays unite!