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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ohio Trash Talker Bill Cunningham: A Peeping Willie?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Usually, WLW's Bill Cunningham is on the dishing end, reliably spouting conservative causes like a human geyser on his radio talk show that emanates each weekday in Cincinnati. Now he's managed to p.o the Christian Right, and one evangelical commentator has sprayed back with a dose of skunk juice, implying that Willie likes to leer at young women through their unshaded windows.

Definitely titillating. But that's really hard to believe, isn't it?

A lengthy commentary that mentions the ogling is online at Citizen USA, the web-version of a newspaper that circulates in many Ohio churches. There is no fairness doctrine that covers newspapers or online sites -- or radio talk shows for that matter -- so there is nothing showing Clear Channel talker Cunningham has responded to the commentary. Citizen USA says about itself that it is a "newspaper that represents the worldview of the Values Voter" and "challenges the liberal bias found is most hometown daily newspapers."

The passage that gut-punched Cunningham reads as follows:

"So why was Willie, usually the Conservative's conservative, blasting Phil Burress, David Miller, Bill Seitz and others? While eating lunch at (irony of all ironies) the West Chester location of the restaurant that bears Willies name, I overheard diners ate (sic) the table next door speculating that Willie had to be rescued from his roof not for inspecting dryer lint, but for inspecting the navels of young women in the neighborhood through their open windows. (Cunningham recently had to be rescued from the roof of his home, placing a famous but embarrassing 911 call to the Madeira Fire Department after climbing up a too-short ladder to inspect a dryer vent installation on his roof and becoming frightened he would injure himself getting down.)"

Maybe Cunningham just got Swiftboated by the right? After all, it was a navel attack.

UPDATE: 10:25 am EDT -- Just discovered that Right Angle Blog is conducting a poll to determine the most influential/popular conservative talker in Ohio. Cunningham is the first name on the ballot. He's definitely a force. But some people in Cincinnati have another nickmane for Willie. They call him the cunning ham. It will be very interesting to see who wins the RAB poll. Guess here -- Willie zips past all comers.


  1. posted by Matt N.

    Wow- I don't know about Willie's personal life, but he is a conservative- in the way Russell Kirk would describe one. That is a difficult definition to give, since conservatism isn't an ideology, but essentially, Willie personifies the "anti-intellectual." In addition, has a sense of tradition, honor, and patriotism, while taking a "government can't solve problems" attitude.

    I've met Phil- I like him and respect his cause and his reasoning. But I think in terms of what conservatism is, in its truest essence, would be better represented by Cunningham's irreverent humor than by CCV's "somebody should pass a law" attitude.

    I set up RAB's poll, and I voted for Willie. Even though I've only been in Cincinnati twice in my life, Willie is a smart, intelligent guy who has the same type of edge that Limbaugh had during the 94 elections (when I was 10 years old).

  2. posted by Matt N.

    Also, the term "swiftboated" is a loaded word, because it implies that what the Swift Boat Vets said about John Kerry is untrue, which is false.