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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ohio's Kings Island: There's A Report It Looks Dumpy

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The 364-acre amusement park off Interstate 71 called Kings Island is 24 miles north of Cincinnati and has been visited by millions. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Ohio. Cedar Fair, the operator of Cedar Point, bought it last year and Wikipedia reports the company has beefed up the staff assigned to keep Kings Island clean.

Even so, a couple of reports have reached The Bellwether -- all by word-of-mouth -- that the park looked a little unkempt, or frayed. And it would be a blow to Ohio's economy if Kings Island lands a reputation as a dump.

Now there is a first hand description of the slide. Joe Wessels, a freelance journalist and blogger from Cincinnati, recently visited Kings Island on a family outing. He wrote that he had a great time, but still noted a disturbing decline in its appearance.

"Safe to say: The park just does not look itself these days. It is no longer well cared for anymore. Many of the buildings need paint, grass needs to be mowed, weeds pulled, mulch put down, pavement repaired. Light bulbs were burnt out throughout the park. The bathrooms were disgusting. And not trying to sound like an old geezer or anything, but, kids, it just wasn't that way when i was a youngin'. It used to feel magical being at that place."

The park's website is HERE. There are reviews available all around the Internet, too. All can easily be found and accessed. Don't know how much to trust them because they could be subject to sockpuppetry, but the reviews generally give the place fine ratings. Mostly, the unflattering comments seemed to be mentions of steep prices. However, Wessel's take matches what others have said in conversation this summer. (Have not been up there to check things out.)

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