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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ohio's Nick Lachey: Tab Says There Are Hot-Tub Sex Pix

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- An online tabloid publication claims that it has a source who viewed photos taken at a Mexican resort showing Cincinnati's own Nick Lachey getting action in a hot tub. Lachey is a Hollywood celeb these days. He once was married to Daisy Duke, er Jessica Simpson., the tab, is calling it a "hardcore SeXXX Pic Scandal" and contends Lachey and squeeze Vanesa Minnillo now have a lawyer hired who is trying to keep the pictures off the Internet. Supposedly, they are the kind of photos that put Paris Hilton in the headlines a few years back.

"TMZ has learned that the rest of the roll shows the two not only making out, but having hardcore sex in the hot tub. A source who has seen the photos tells TMZ that they are 'Paris-sex tape level scandalous', and include images of the couple in several different sex positions. That's hot!"

This is unfortunate because if Lachey wants to have a good time at a resort, he should be able to have a good time and not worry about candid cameras, paparazzi and scum who load private things on the Internet.

Sorry, TMZ. It's not hot. It's sick and an invasion of privacy. Indeed, privacy is a rapidly disappearing concept, and may soon be gone like the passenger pigeon. You can read the piece, and there is a follow-up showing a photo of Nick and 'Nessa returning to LA today.


  1. Welcome back, Bill! I 'bout gave up on ya. Your back on my daily blog list.

  2. Thanks, Mark.

    I was trying to do too many posts, I think, and kind of wore down. I am going to be more selective (or at least try) and less frenetic. With all the talented bloggers in Ohio, such as yourself, I don't see why or how anybody could have noticed I was chillin'.

  3. "I don't see why or how anybody could have noticed I was chillin'."


    Your absence was noticed. I was beginning to hate the Chiquita Banana story that was stuck at the top of your page. Anyways, glad to see you're posting again. You provide a different perspective and though I'm sure we are from opposite ends of the political spectrum, I have you on my list of blogs to check regularly.