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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Strike Up The Choir: Ohiosphere's Mark Daniels Is Among 'Top 100' Christian Bloggers

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Ohiosphere's own notable, remarkable and increasingly respected theological thinker Mark Daniels has turned up on a list of the 100 most important Christian blogs. He is in the top half at No. 28. His impressive ranking caught my eye when I scanned down the list discovered by Jill Zimon at Writes Like She Talks, who deserves a major h/t or perhaps even a doffing of a cleric's biretta.

Evangelical Outpost created the list and described each as essential:

"This is not a list of the 'best Christian blogs' (whatever that might mean) but rather the top 100 blogs that I have found to be the most convincing, enlightening, frustrating, illuminating, maddening, stimulating, right-on and/or wrongheaded by Christians expressing a Christian worldview."

Mark is the pastor of Friendship Lutheran Church in Amelia, a suburb of east of Cincinnati. Information about his church, his denomination and Mark himself is here. If there are any other Ohio blogs on the Top 100 list that Jill found, I did not recognize them.

However, somebody could be there that I don't know (and I apologize if I missed you.)

Congratulations to Mark, a man with an important message who has been doing God's work in the pulpit, and via the Internet.


  1. Bill - thanks so much for drawing attention to Mark's blog. I do in fact read it - I'm embarrassed that I didn't notice it on the list. I confess my sin that I didn't spend a ton of time reviewing it.

    And to Mark - I am indeed sorry and will add you to my blog roll too!

  2. Bill:
    I'm really flattered by your words. Thanks so much!

    God bless.

    Mark Daniels

  3. Jill & Mark --

    Jill, don't be embarrassed at all. You caught the list. You have the eye, dudess of blogging.

    Mark, some day I hope to stop by and sit in one of the pews and take in your words in person. I would be a very fortunate man on that day. And if you ever feel like pounding something onto a cathederal door, give me a buzz . . .