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Monday, July 02, 2007

Surprise!!!! Republicans Make Gains After Immigration Debate

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- A new Rasmussen poll of 15,000 Americans shows that 32% say they are Republicans, the highest number of adults identifying themselves with the party in 2007. The gain came during June debate in Washington over immigration reform, and the GOP appears to have scored a win, at least in the short term.

"The immigration debate appears to have helped the Republican Party while hurting the president and other supporters of 'comprehensive" reform litigation. Prior to the debate, 47% of voters trusted Democrats more on the immigration issue. Following the failure of the Senate bill, just 39% trust the Democrats more on the issue. In fact, among unaffiliated voters, Republicans are now trusted more than the Democrats on immigration. The only other issue where the GOP can make that claim is national security."

The full breakdown reveals the poll was not of likely voters. Still, it is about the only good news Republicans have received this year. The national telephone survey also showed the overall percentage of Americans who consider themselves Democrats has slipped -- and that the party's ranks seem to have crested since taking control of Congress last November.

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