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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Minnesota Blogs: Tonight On The Missippi Bridge Disaster

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Fifty cars reportedly plunged into the Mississippi River today, and Minnesota bloggers are on top of the disaster in the Twin Cities. Here are the reports as they are coming in:

Check out Captain's Quarters, where there was frantic calling for family members, all safe. Powerline's brother-in-law crossed the I-35 bridge four times a day. The Star Tribune says there is one known death (now up to six) and that the American Red Cross is calling for blood donations.

Two Dolla sees the TV news and the "red cards" about fatalities. She doesn't know where her loved ones are (let's hope they are safe). Girl Friday says it is "madness" and describes the helicopters hanging in the air as resembling dragonflies. Anti-Strib sees storm clouds moving in and calls the scene unbelievable. Noah at Blanked Out lives near the bridge, saw it come down and said it wasn't a bomb. His eyewitness report:

"Description of collapse: Surprisingly quiet, but my entire warehouse apt shook quite a bit. Bridge fell so very slowly -- poof. Yelled and yelled but no one answered. Only a handful of ppl in water, all got out ok and then begal to help as well. Ran into woman who thought school bus was trapped on east side in fold of highway. Couldn't confirm it or get to the other bank to help."

10:07 p.m. -- Minnesota Monitor has been tracking down official reaction. MetroBlogging Twin Cities has kept a running account of the tragedy that is updated with fresh info as it becomes available. David Erickson of Twin Cities, Minnesota has a awesome compilation of news, links and a Flickr photo from the scene. There's more at MetaFilter, which seems to be grabbing nearly everything it can from the 'net.

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