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Friday, August 03, 2007

National Dem TV Ad Coming Monday: Takes On Bush Over War

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Be among the first to catch the new ad on YouTUBE, where it has just been posted by the Democratic National Committee and House and Senate Democrats. When The Bellwether got the link a few moments ago, there were fewer than 130 looks. The ad will be running for a month on cable TV outlets and its theme is that President Bush hasn't been listening to the American people.

The ad is intended to help set in motion the Democrats' month of action on Iraq -- which is designed to pressure Republicans in their home districts to abandon or alter support for the president on the war. The ad says the Dems have been "taking on George Bush to end a war gone wrong." It also outlines other Congressional action the new Democratic majorities have taken this year, including raising the minimum wage and voting to expand the Children's Health Insurance Program.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean described the purpose of the ad campaign as to take aim at Bush and portray him as a failure in office.

"The American people want a new direction in Iraq, yet President Bush and his Republican allies are stubbornly supporting a policy that is making America less safe. Time and again, Democrats have passed legislation to end Bush's war of choice in Iraq but Republicans refuse to change course. Democrats will continue to hold them accountable, but one thing is clear -- Democrats have accomplished more for the America people in the past six months than Republicans accomplished in six years."

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen said the Dems during August are "going district by district to urge Republicans to stop obstructing progress and work with us to end the war in Iraq. Republicans who continue to vote lock step with President Bush's failed policies will be held accountable."

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