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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ohio GOP Legislative Leaders: Shooting More Than The Breeze

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Ohio's two highest-ranking GOP lawmakers have accepted invitations to an annual firearms outing later this month where --between the shots at clay pigeons -- pro-gun rights activists intend to lobby them for a measure expanding the state's legal definition of self-defense.

The Buckeye Firearms Association says the opportunity to shoot alongside Senate President Bill Harris and House Speaker John Husted on August 18 is a chance to meet the Republican leaders "and encourage them to make plans to put (Castle Doctrine) HB264/SB184 on a fast track."

The price is $75 and includes ammo, plus 50 targets. Shotguns and pistols will be on hand for those who don't bring their own weapons. This shooting fest is named for John Wayne, the movie actor, and is sponsored by the Delaware County Republican Party. Invitations say "Corporate Contributions are Welcome! Proceeds benefit DCRP 'Get Out The Vote' Efforts." All the firing will take place at the BlackWing Shooting Center, which looks like a superb complex to spend time squeezing off some rounds while supporting efforts to get more people to vote.

The Castle Doctrine movement is a National Rifle Association-backed effort that would broaden citizen rights to use force on suspected intruders. The NRA says:

"Castle Doctrine, in essence, simply places into law what is a fundamental right: self-defense. If a person is in a place he or she has a right to be -- in the front yard, on the road, working in their office, strolling in the park -- and is confronted by an armed predator, he or she can respond in force in defense of their lives (sic)."

At the moment, Ohio's right of self-defense is more narrowly drawn. Basically, someone has to be in mortal danger before they can shoot to kill. The NRA view of the expanded right of self defense is here.

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  1. Bill, funny you should post this at about the same time I posted something on a fundraiser the NH GOP is having in which goopers pay $25 to shoot an uzzi.

    I'll update my post with your Ohio info when I have a minute.