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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ohio's New University System Website: Finally A Way To Compare Tuition Costs

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The new University System of Ohio Website that Gov. Ted Strickland delivered as part of his higher-ed reform package is up and running. The Bellwether used it to dig out the current tuition costs for an Ohio resident at each of the 13 state universities, a process that took about 10 minutes. Before the new Website appeared, such comparison shopping would have taken hours or days. It would have required poking through each school's portal, or trying to hunt and gather info from the State Board of Regents.

Here's the current tuition for a full-time, in-state student, with the school's ranked from most expensive to least:

1. Miami University -- $11,442.72.

2. University of Cincinnati -- $9,399.

3. Bowling Green State University -- $9,140.

4. Ohio University -- $8,907.

5. Ohio State University -- $8,667.

6. Kent State University -- $8,430.

7. University of Akron -- $8382.96.

8. Cleveland State University -- $7,290.

9. Wright State University -- $7,278.

10. University of Toledo -- $6815.52.

11. Youngstown State University -- $6,720.95.

12. Shawnee State University -- $5,932.

13. Central State University -- $2,647.

Two things jumped off the list.

Central State University has held the line on tuition and remains an extremely affordable college experience. It is an historic black school, but anyone is welcome to attend, regardless of race or national origin. People who are watching their pocketbooks ought to give Central State a look. If they can get past their prejudices -- or stereotypes about race and class -- they should consider the school. It's a place where the degree can come without a massive pile of debt, or parents who spent a fortune.

Wright State University in suburban Dayton is a college with an improving academic reputation, a new and growing campus, and prices that are moderate. The list shows it has managed to keep tuition costs in check, perhaps making the school the state's best buy. The college named after Dayton's Wright Brothers is probably a notch better, or at least equal to, places like Kent State, Toledo, Akron and Cleveland State -- the mid-price cluster. And in the years ahead, Wright State will probably clearly overtake some of its older sister schools for academic quality, at least that is how events look to be headed. It is virtually next door to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and benefits from the scientific/engineering/research community that has grown up alongside the massive federal installation, which is the largest employer in the State of Ohio. And for downstaters considering the University of Cincinnati, Wright State has emerged as a much less expensive option that is within an hour's drive of the Queen City. (Full Disclosure: The Bellwether has ties to Xavier University, a private school in Cincinnati.)


  1. Wow. UC is more disgraceful than I thought. That's a lot to pay for cost overruns and eminent-domain failures. Maybe some education.... occasionally.

  2. Bizzyblog (tom)

    It does appear that something has gone drastically off-track down there. Was UC ever intended to be one of the priciest state schools? Or was it supposed to be an urban university, a place for kids to pick up a degree without breaking the bank? I believe the latter.

  3. Exactly, Bill. I consider what Nancy has done to UC to be a fundamental betrayal of its core mission. And the Regents, the Legislature and Governor Taft, and now Strickland, have just stood by and watched.

    Tens of thousands of Greater Cincinnatians got their degrees by commuting to UC, ofent working part-time or full-time to pay the tuition and fees. Such people are apparently unwelcome in Nancy's grand scheme.